Custom Homes

On each Custom home B&A Design Studio, Inc. works directly with the home owner and the builder to insure that all details are achieved through the Design and Building process. B&A willl setup an initial consultation to create a scope that encompasses your ideas and vision of what your custom home should be.

The objective of any good designer is to design a beautiful home with the clients vision in mind not theirs.

B&A Design Studio will walk you through the process of what to expect from the design process as well as what to expect from the building process. Once We have develop a well thought out S.O.V. Scope of Vision. B&A Design Studio will develop preliminary designs through sketches and specialized 3d software enabling the client to visualize their vision. Once the design is complete B&A Design Studio will develop working drawings detailing the design and send to engineering…..

“We are only successful if we bring your vision to life.”……..

Allen M. Beaumont