Custom Homes

On each Custom home B&A Design Studio, Inc. works directly with the home owner and the builder to insure that all details are achieved through the Design and Building process. B&A will setup an initial consultation to create a scope that encompasses your ideas and vision of what your custom home should be.

The objective of any good designer is to design a beautiful home with the clients vision in mind not theirs.

B&A Design Studio will walk you through the process of what to expect from the design process as well as what to expect from the building process. Once We have develop a well thought out S.O.V. Scope of Vision. B&A Design Studio will develop preliminary designs through sketches and specialized 3d software enabling the client to visualize their vision. Once the design is complete B&A Design Studio will develop working drawings detailing the design and send to engineering.

We are only successful if we bring your vision to life.
-Allen M. Beaumont


Production Builders

B&A Design Studio works with Builders key personal Purchasing, Construction, Realtors and Land to develop product lines that are cutting edge and fit their site restrictions, Price points and Demographics.

With over 25 years of experience in developing the “mastering program” and “redraw program” B&A Design Studio, Inc. has perfected the master and redraw program and will tailor a program that fits you needs and wants and meets your time frames and budgets.

Production Builder services:

  • Schematic Design / Charrette Design sessions
  • Single Family Detached
  • Townhomes
  • Land Planning
  • Master Plan Coordination/Maintenance/VE review
  • Redraw Program
  • Marketing Material
  • Review of existing plans